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We offer sun printing on just about any substrate you can imagine. From vinyl banners to printing on metal or seat cushions to vehicle wraps. We can bring almost anything to life in vivid color with Wilmington Signs.


Branding, layouts and logos strategically designed and placed will increase appeal and recognition. Whether you are transferring a concept into reality or brainstorming presentation options, our staff at Image Monster are standing by at your assistance. more...


Faded photographs of loved ones often seem to become worn out from being looked upon time and time again. Weddings, birthdays, family reunions, holidays, and random moments become immortalized in pictures... more...


Quality fine art can set the mood in any location, be it an office, home, business, or cafe. Image Monster offers the best in giclees, archival reproductions, and many other fine art prints with special pricing options for ... more...


Besides the printed work itself, Image Monster also offers a variety of options for the important finishing touches of laminating and mounting. Lamination can ensure a work stays fresh and preserved for added ... more...


If you're making a statement in the 21st century, do it with a vehicle wrap! Your car, truck or van can quickly be turned into a mobile sign or billboard or just a great way to show your personal style... more...


Looking for signs and graphics in Wilmington? Image Monster offers the very best full service sign production facility in town. Some of the very best graphic designers in the region are at your disposal and we can print on just about any surface you can imagine including printing to metal.

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Lives have been sacrificed to protect a family's coat of arms, and in the Middle Ages capturing another kingdom's banner was the highest form of humiliation. Far from those times, with today's technology what used to take thousands of hours of stitching and dyeing can now be accomplished with a virtual design and the click of a mouse. In Wilmington NC it takes a specialized store to wield the latest advancements in digital printing technology.

Large-font signs and graphics are used in a variety of applications, from business advertising to home decorating and special events. Summing up an event in two or three words can set the theme, while a strategically placed photographic print or painting can set the mood. No matter the occasion, an appropriate sign or banner can mean the difference between gaining a desired outcome or a flop.


As any wise person who works in business will say, the three keys to success are location, location, location, and there is no better way to announce a location than with an eye-catching sign. Giant national corporations who are able to spend millions of dollars on advertising research are a testament to this fact, as people driving through Wilmington on an average day will be able to spot vinyl banners advertising fast food deals, coffee shops, and grand openings.

It is no coincidence that the most sought after advertising space on the internet are the “banner” spots. In the physical world, signs and graphics on prominent display outside or inside a business location will attract customers and the curious passer-by.

Special Events

Top-off a graduation, wedding, homecoming, retirement, anniversary or any other celebratory event with a custom-made large-print sign. “Welcome Home” can bring tears to the eyes of a dear one, and a clever nuptial announcement can set the stage for a festive atmosphere. Banner announcements have been around long before the advent of large format digital printing, and a sign celebrating a 50th anniversary can be a nostalgic link to a “Just Married” from the distant past.

Vehicle wraps are also available for the graduation-present car or that sports coupe or chopper that eases the transition to middle-age.

Graphic Arts Installations and Interior Design

Graphic art installations have taken advantage of technological advances since the field's inception. Exhibitions displaying canvas prints with custom-designed laminating and mounting can highlight exactly what the artist wishes to display. From local art installations in a restaurant to a professional gallery, the correct display and mounting can make or break the graphic design itself. Photo restoration or alteration is also a custom option when working with digital print.

Interior designers and home decorators can additionally take advantage of the options offered with digital print. Fine art reproduction and canvas prints can transform an office or living room far greater than the best feng shui master. The correct visual aesthetic can create a desired mood and combine with the hue of the carpet or grain of the floor to accentuate an entire room.


If you're looking for signs and graphics in the Southport area we are happy to work with you or we can recommend "A Sign of Distinction".